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Kinedyne Kin-Sider

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Kinedyne replaces curtainside systems with our highly efficient Kin-Sider. Our Kin-Sider Curtainside Solution is easy to open and close with web assemblies and easy-to-operate over-center buckle and hook fasteners.

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Using the Kinedyne Kin-Sider Curtainside Solution can prove to be beneficial for situations in which side loading is advantageous, such as racked cargo, long-cargo formats, and other scenarios where loading and unloading freight from the rear of a trailer can be a time-consuming task.

The Kin-Sider can be retrofitted on existing truck bodies or installed on new OEM bodies. Those who need to make frequent stops and deliveries can only benefit from the quick and easy access to their cargo that the Kin-Sider provides. This heavy-duty curtainside vehicle system can be used with vehicle carriers transporting cars, with box trucks transporting drywall or racked goods, or with 48’ – 53’ trailers transporting lumber, pipes, cabinetry, and much more.

Engineered for optimal performance and longevity, our Kin-Sider system is easy to open and close thanks to the familiar web assemblies and Overcenter Buckles and hook fasteners that are located at the bottom of vertical reinforcements. The Universal Tension Box located at one end of the curtain provides effective tensioning that promotes a weather-tight fit in order to protect the cargo from moisture and other damages.

For those who wish to promote their business, stunning graphics are available as an option on our Kin-Sider curtain, offering highly visible imagery that grabs attention. This flame-retardant, PVC-laminated polyester material is covered in an anti-graffiti coating that protects the image’s integrity.

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