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Since our founding in 1968, Kinedyne has strived to keep our customers informed and educated about the use of different types of cargo control and the regulations effecting the transportation of all types commodities. Over the years, we have offered a variety of training for our customers and community, including:

  • Live Webinar to prepare fleets for yearly roadside inspections
  • Dealer Distributor Training online and in person
  • Cargo Control Regulation Training online and in person
  • Fleet Training and Industry Group Training

Kinedyne is now bringing additional training to all with our free online Cargo Securement 101 Training Videos. Each video shares specific information about a different product line, what is it, how to use it, how to recognize a quality product and more. Check out our video to the right to learn about all of the programs in the Kinedyne Cargo Securement Education Program and then scroll down to start learning with our 101 Video series.


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Flatbed Trailer Product Training

Winches 101

Winch Straps provides an easy, fast and secure method for securing cargo on flatbed trailers and other vehicles.

Winch Strap 101

Winch Straps provides an easy, fast and secure method for securing cargo on flatbed trailers and other vehicles.

Ratchet Strap 101

Ratchet straps are one of the most versatile and reliable methods to secure your cargo to a flatbed trailer. They truly have withstood the test of time.

Winch Bars 101

Winch Bars are one of the ultimate tools in the Cargo Control arsenal, when used in combination with either a winch or lever style chain binder winch bars are designed to give added leverage when tension or releasing either a winch strap or transport chain.

Hardware 101

Not all Hardware is created equal, and this latest 101 Training Video will show you that when it comes to Hardware, you need to rely on a reputable Company that have been doing this for 50+ years.

Transport Chain 101

Built for durability, Kinedyne heat-treated carbon steel Transport Chain is engineered to provide the heavy-duty strength needed to effectively secure your heavy loads as they go down the highway.

Chain Binders 101

Chain Binders are engineered to provide the heavy-duty strength needed to effectively tension your chains to create a tight and reliable hold over your cargo.

Tarp Ties 101

Tarp Ties are one of the most demanded items we offer and one that is scrutinized by Over-the-Highway Truckers continually. This video will examine what these Drivers want and demand in a quality Tarp Tie.

Corner Protectors 101

Protecting your cargo and your cargo control - don't forget this key piece of your cargo control solution!

Enclosed Trailer Product Training

Logistic Track 101

Logistic Track is an integral part of any Cargo Control System in an enclosed trailer. It transform your trailer’s walls and floors into solid and secure anchor points that can be used to tie down different cargo.

Logistic Straps 101

Logistic Straps are a key cargo control component for any enclosed trailer and are designed to provide the ideal solution for securely tying down your cargo with very little effort.

Logistic Beams 101

Without a doubt Logistic Beams are the most versatile cargo control product used in a Enclosed Trailer application, they not only allow you to deck the freight, increasing the usable space but also shore it, creating a secure and solid barrier.

Shoring Bars 101

Are you worried about your freight shifting because your enclosed trailer is not equipped with logistic track? NO PROBLEM … For security and convenience, you cannot get anything simpler or more secure than a Shoring Bar.

Series F Shoring Bars 101

Designed with reducing freight damage in mind, Series F Shoring Bars are an ideal solution for securing cargo and preventing load shifts in your trailer.

Utility Strap 101

Utility straps are a versatile securement option, strong enough for heavy duty interior van and flexible enough for non-commercial use.


Recreational Securements 101

Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Automotive - Kinedyne has more than just heavy duty, learn about our recreational vehicles.

Curtain Systems

Curtain Systems 101

Kinedyne Kin-Sider and Kin-Slider can save you time and money - check out our 101 to learn about the features of both.

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Un Guide Pour Les Treuils

Courroies Logistiques 101

Courroie a treuil 101

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