Why Kaptive Beam?

Optimize Efficiency & Use of Trailer Cube Capacity

Kaptive Beam allows you to increase your trailer’s cargo capacity by using the whole space – floor to ceiling – to store even more cargo.

Quick & Easy Adjustment

The beams are designed to glide smoothly over the vertical Logistic Track, offering versatile placement to accommodate cargo of different shapes and sizes.

Facilitate Quick Loading & Unloading

These beams are ready when you need them, and never have to be removed from the trailer. They remain captive within the trailer on a fixed vertical Logistic Track so that they’re available whenever it’s time to load and easily moved out of the way when it’s time to unload.

Provides Economical Decking & Secure Shoring

Store even more cargo within the trailer, reducing the number of trips while delivering more freight. Shoring helps keep the loads separated and the trailer organized, reducing the amount of time spent searching for the correct cargo to unload.

Store Beams at Ceiling Level

This provides optimum flexibility while deterring loss and/or theft. With the beams stored away, the trailer can then be used to load and transport cargo that doesn’t require the double decking system.

Improve Profitability by Reducing Damaged Freight Claims

Use our Kaptive Beams to create a strong and durable second floor, to use for safely stacking your cargo.

Videos on Kaptive Beam


NEW Extended Clearance Head

Kinedyne's Extended Clearance Head works in conjunction with our K2 Kaptive Beam double decking system, it allows you to move your beams 2 1/2 inches higher to the ceiling. This product creates up to an additional 3% of space at the top of your trailer (that's 100 more cubic feet of space!).

By moving beams out of the way of forklifts, you can reduce forklift damage, maintenance costs, and replacement beam costs.


K1 Kaptive Beam

Kinedyne’s K1 Kaptive Beam System is designed to continually meet or exceed operator’s performance and expectations throughout the system’s lifespan. We’ve built our K1 Kaptive Beam System with the highest standards, using only high-quality materials and components to engineer a captive beam system that can make your cargo control job so much easier and smoother.With this system installed, you’ll be able to create a reliable second deck within the trailer in order to boost cargo capacity, supporting up to 500 pounds per linear foot. This effectively reduces the number of trips needed to be made to deliver the whole load. Since the beams can be stored at ceiling level, there’s no need to constantly remove and reinstall them, eliminating a lot of wasted time and labor.


K2 Kaptive Beam

Kinedyne created our industrial revolutionary K2 Kaptive Beam System, the most comprehensive, load-optimizing system in the industry. Instead of only using the floor to store and secure cargo, our K2 Kaptive Beams can be used to increase cargo capacity by utilizing the full floor to ceiling height of a trailer. Built with extreme durability and wear resistance, these beams are engineered to perform under heavy-duty conditions, offering efficient support for both decking and shoring applications. Bring them down from the ceiling when you need to create a solid deck or barrier for your loads, then raise them back up to the ceiling when you’re done with them.


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